• Small size, Portable music everywhere
    Bang 2, 168g, 9cm in diameter, is hanged with lanyard, which makes it perfect for you to carry with. Outperforming Bang, Bang 2 is specially designed for outdoor uses, dedicated to encourage you to explore outside world with music to find a true self. With polymer base, Bang 2 is super solid and wearable. Featuring on IPX6 waterproof protection, Bang 2 speaker, against rain and splash, can go along in rainy days and even playing near the river. It is appropriate for biking, climbing, gathering, camping. Also, its delicate design makes it a decoration at home.
  • 360° stereo sound, Freestyle as you are
    When you step outside, despite its small size, it releases louder sound than you think. Don’t need to be shy to sing and dance to the music under the blue sky. The wireless Bluetooth speaker Bang 2, with DSP technology, it would deliver 360° stereo surround sound beyond space. Featured in rich bass, Bang 2 allows you to enjoy the melodies it brings to you even in noisy environment.
  • Stay connected as long as I can
    With the latest Bluetooth 5.0, it significantly increases stable connection distance up to 15 meters and 20 meters outdoors, expanding your activity space. With loud sound, more people could gather together to have a wonderful experience in music and even to do what’s in your heart.
  • 2 colors, life pigment
    Bang 2 series have 2 different colors, black and red. Black empowers you with power and strength, red with passion and energy. Bang 2 would amplify the soundtrack in ups and downs, in struggle and achievement, in your failures and grow from them, which is the meaning of our life.
In the face of challenge, go outside and find a new rhythm,
Venturing out with Bang 2, it makes you a celebrity
Proceed, shake, dance and sing…
Bang 2, a new start for you!
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Working time: 20h
  • RF range: 10m
  • Charging time: 2.5h
  • Weight: 165.7g
  • Battery capacity:1800mA
  • Size:98*98*47.5mm
  • 01 Speaker
  • 02 USB cable
  • 03 User manual
  • 1. The speaker won't play MP3 format after inserting a USB disk.
    This may be a problem with the USB disk, try another one.
  • 2. Do all TF cards match the speaker?
    No, the speaker can support TF cards up to 32GB or smaller capacities.
  • 3. The speaker is disconnected while watching a video.
    The reason may be an unstable signal. Move your device closer to the speaker or remove any obstacle between them.
  • 4. There is an audio delay.
    It could be the network itself while you watch movies online. Or the connection environment of your speaker and device is subject to signal interference.