Dear Valued Customers, Hello! I’m August Chow. No kidding, I'm probably one of the CEOs with the most memes. My colleagues make lots of hilarious memes out of my photos and share them on our company's chat group.

On Valentine's Day 2019, everyone in the company got one rose as usual, as a reward for his/her hard work. My single female co-workers quipped to me, "Hey August, rose is boring, I just want someone to date with."

Of course, I can't give them lovers as gifts, but I listen to their hearts. They like to joke with me and talk to me honestly because I value their opinions, even complaints. My partners and I try our best to help the employees deal with work issues. And we sincerely hope they stay happy and enjoy working toward their dreams — this is the notion of our company.

We believe that listening to customers' voice is critical for us, to improve our product quality and customer service. We sell not only audio products, but also our hearts and sincere service. If you have any question or suggestion about AXLOIE products, please feel free to tell us.
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