Brand Story
Made for Sports Junkies

AXLOIE, a global brand of true wireless sport earphones, was first born in Los Angeles, the city of science & technology in California. We know so much about the sunshine, the streets, and the lifestyle of L.A. It’s the inclusiveness, openness and innovation genes of the city that inspire our infinite creativity.

We like to search for ecstatic meaning at the parallels between sports and music. We are the first to define and update the Bluetooth sport earphones - with superior sound quality, wearing comfort and unique design - that are truly born for fitness. We’re setting a new trend of “sound” life with these innovative products.

Through AXLOIE Bluetooth sport earphones and the premium music beats, you can truly feel your energetic creativity when working out. Whether it is a city marathon, street running, home exercise, extreme sport, nothing can hold you back.

  • Brand Mission
    Moved by music, motivated by sports, enjoy a sound life.
    Brand Mission
  • Brand Vision
    Become a world-class smart audio brand.
    Brand Vision