AXLOIE Goin Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

A true wireless sports headphone with incredible sound and long battery life

Lowest Price: $45.99


Exceptional battery life

Immaculate fit


Enjoyable sound

Ambidextrous controls

IPX7 Water resistant

Good microphone quality


Charging case is fairly bulky

Limited noise isolation

While many audio manufacturers offer true wireless sports earbuds, the prices vary. Good sports headphones are high in price, but the low-end market lacks good design. AXLOIE’s latest Goin in-ear headphone is designed for sports. The appearance adopts the most cutting-edge design similar to Apple’s Powerbeats Pro, with skin-friendly ear hooks, ergonomic earplugs, and ultra-light materials, even if you are performing high-intensity exercise, you can ensure stability and comfort. Moreover, designers use lines and proportions to create a sense of sporty and fashion. Apple’s Powerbeats Pro is more than $200, but the AXLOIE Goin headset only costs $45.99, the price seems extremely attractive. The deal gets sweeter when you consider they sound better than pairs that cost four times as much. With simple multi-function button controls and IPX7’s waterproof design, AXLOIE Goin can get an “Editor’s Choice” for true wireless fitness-focused headphones with a limited budget.

Great Fit, Compact Design

In terms of design, there’s a lot to like about the new AXLOIE Goin — designed by an industrial design master who has won multiple awards, such as Red Dot Design Award, IF Product Design Award, and Japan Good Design Award, it has a sporty look, while still being practical enough to wear around outside the gym.

The AXLOIE Goin’s sleek blue box packaging is perfect for exquisite Christmas gifts for family and friends. Beside lies the slogan of the brand, “MY DREAM SUPPORTER”. And on the back side and the left side of the card box, there is some usual model information. A few features are highlighted, such as capacity, input, and output. When you open the lid of the box, a paragraph of warm words will inspire your desire to feel your heartbeats with AXLOIE Goin.

The design idea of the director of AXLOIE Goin is to endow the product with a sporty look, get rid of the constraint of sports, and fabricate a true wireless sports headset. The design of the ear hook is almost the same as the one of the latest Apple Powerbeats Pro. After strict laboratory tests, the earphones are intact as initial, even if they have been dropped for over 10,000 times.

The earhooks cement the AXLOIE Goin as workout buds. After adjusting the base of the clips to the ears, though, they find their groove and go on relatively smoothly, with a fit that’s both secure and comfy. To our eyes, they also look a lot better than previous other sports headphone models — the clips are more elegant, striking a thinner, less obtrusive profile.If you wear glasses with thick arms, you can also secure the ear hooks around your ears.

It also helps that the AXLOIE Goin is extremely comfortable, and not just in terms of how it fits in and around the ear, but also in terms of how it feels when you’re listening to music.

If you’ve used other true wireless headphones in the past, you might recall feeling a sort of in-ear pressure while listening to music for a long time, but that uncomfortable pressure simply doesnt exist with the AXLOIE Goin. That’s because of a micro-laser barometric venting hole in the front chamber that reduces pressure in the ear and improves the bass response.

Another factor that contributes to the excellent fit is how slim the nozzle of the earbuds are — it’s smaller than a lot of other true wireless earbuds on the market and with three different ear tip size options, there are still plenty of ways to get that perfect seal.

Along with four pairs of eartips, two buttons on each earbud serve as intuitive controls. A volume rocker rests at the top edge, and at the side is a multi-function button that doubles. Like theAirPods, the mirrored design of each earbud allows you to use either hand to control playback, calling, and volume, and you can also use each earbud independently. The multi-function button can also be held to talk to Siri. Over time, though, we enjoyed the system, and the simple inclusion of easy-access volume control already bests the AirPods, among others.

The separated design enables Goin to work in two modes. The binaural mode is perfect for HiFi stereo music or HD calls, while the mono mode for driving, walking or other situations that require attention to your surroundings. What’s more, the earphones can also be used to share music among two persons.

These headphones are lightweight, about 0.31 lbs. They are easy to carry around as they fit easily into your pocket or gym bag. They also carry a good charging hard case.The charging case is of good quality. It can provide about 20 hours of battery life for the headset, and when your headset’s battery is almost depleted, a voice prompt in the headset tells you that your headset’s battery is almost depleted. The charging case can also work as an alternative power bank for your smart phone, which keeps you worry-free from an emergency.This box is also quite huge, with a size of L: 4.3”,W: 2.4 “,H: 1.2 “. It can fit in a larger pocket, but because it is large, it will be obvious and will not be easily lost.

Class-leading Performance

Staying in your ear and connecting to your devices seamlessly is table stakes in this category. What really matters is how good they sound when you’re moving — an area that a lot of popular earbuds don’t really master.

Adopted lossless HD rendering technology, Goin wireless earphones produce astounding sound quality with powerful bass and crystal crisp treble. Vocal and lead instruments will be accurately reproduced without being obscured by the bass. The sound signature is strikingly clear in the upper register, and instrumental separation is especially impressive, allowing you to revel in the subtleties. In Depeche Mode’s World in My Eyes, for example, you can really dig into the metallic definition in instruments like the hi-hat synth in the right side, adding up to a beautiful sound collage. Overall, these headphones have a good sound profile that fits a wide variety of music genres.

Call clarity is improved, too, thanks to a speech-detecting accelerator inside the AXLOIE Goin that identifies when the wearer’s jaw is moving through vibrations. Two beam forming microphones work in coordination with this sensor to filter out external noise and target the wearer’s voice. In practice, we were able to carry a conversation outside our blustery downtown office with ease.

To round it off, there are long- and short-range optical sensors on the AXLOIE Goin that automatically play or pause music when the earbuds are placed in or removed from your ears, again like the Air Pods. It’s a great feature, and we noted its simple convenience when passing a neighbor on a run. We were able to quickly remove an earbud, chat for a few moments, and then instantly continue where we’d left off. It’s essentially a trade off, since most sports earbuds we test can’t auto pause or connect individually.

AXLOIE Goinhave a long battery life, and we have measured more than 8 hours of battery life, which is more than 5 hours of advertising. This should allow you to do a lot of exercise, plus a 20-hour charging case that can last even a whole day. They also charge quickly, close to 1.5 hours. However, the over 200 dollar Apple’s Powerbeats Pro earbuds feature nine hours of listening time, which can be extended to more than 24 hours with the included charging case, totally 1 hour shorter than AXLOIE Goin.

As mentioned, the AXLOIE Goin are water-resistant with an IPX7 rating, far better than the IPX4 of Apple’s Powerboats Pro , meaning they’re protected against splashing, sweat and can be submerged at a depth of about 1 meter for 30 minutes.

These aren’t going to be confused with audiophile monitors, and they easily leave the AirPods — and plenty of other competitors — in the dust when it comes to fidelity. Considering the attractive,affordable price and its outstanding performance, AXLOIE Goin present a very satisfying listening experience.

Our Take

Ultimately, the AXLOIE Goin impressed us. Compared with AirPods Pro, Powerbeats Pro, AXLOIE Goin are the best workout earbuds to date thanks to small additions like affordable prices, better waterproof function, longer battery life, the stable ear hooks, pressure-reducing micro-laser barometric venting hole, and superior sound quality,

To that end, buy these earbuds if you’re a gym goer who considers buying a wireless sports earbuds like Apple Powerbeats Pro and looking for the ones with a more affordable price. AXLOIE Goin offer better-sounding music, features like hands-free Hey Siri, greater waterproof function and longer playtime.

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