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“Why do I tend to get fatter in winter, AGAIN?”Many people complain about the overweight issue every winter. Well, indeed,it’s easier to gain weight in winter than in summer, because the body requiresmore energy to keep out the cold and people just want to lie on the bed. In addition,people eat a lot on Christmas Day and gain more weight.

But you know what? Winter is also an ideal seasonto lose weight. Due to the cold weather, the body consumes more energy andeasily lose weight without doing exercise ...Here are four useful tips to stayfit and even lose your weight in winter without sweat:

1. Eat theright food

It's important to choose the right food forweight loss, such as eat all things fresh, unsweetened whole-grain cereals; eatenough protein to stabilize blood sugar; drink low-fat or fat-free milk, greentea, herbal teas and 100% fresh juice; etc. In short, make sure to follow thesetwo rules: First, avoid high-calorie foods such as sweets, fried foods, and redmeat; second, eat more vegetables and fruits, and drinks with little or noadded sugars, so as to achieve better results.

2. Stop unhealthy food

Don’t eat unhealthy food and distance yourselffrom the food immediately after eating. There are some rules you need tofollow:

(1)     Never touch the leftovers at midnight;

(2)     Do not store snacks at home;

(3)     Do not eat when watching TV;

(4)     Try not to be alone and keep yourself busy so youwon’t get bored and eat snacks;

(5)     Stay away from the snack area of the supermarketwhen shopping;

(6)     Stick some post-it notes on your refrigerator toremind yourself of the weight loss program.

3. Eat slowly, chew slowly

Eating fast is not good for digestion, because itoffers your body no time to recognize that your sensing satisfaction and youwill eat more. To lose more weight in winter, you need to eat slowly. Here aresome tips for slowing eating:

(1)     Only eat in the kitchen and sit down to eatwithout distractions;

(2)     Use a smaller plates to make the food seembigger;

(3)     Drink some water or a little soup before meals soyou will feel fuller and eat less;

(4)     Do not use a smartphone at mealtime;

(5)     Chew your food about 20 times before swallowing,and enjoy each mindful bite;

Spend about 20 minutes to have a meal and allowyour brain to send out signals of satiety.

4. Improve your eating environment with music

Here comes the most romantic part: studies havefound that listening to sweet music at mealtime can help you burn calories.Music will affect people's appetite and greatly reduce people's intake ofsweets. Plus, music can also help you release the stress and decrease thedesire for food. Before eating, you can play Mozart or other soft backgroundmusic to build a nice eating atmosphere. It will help you enjoy the foodbetter, and eat slowly.

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Lastly but not least, make sure to follow thetips above and change a little every day, you will definitely lose weight inwinter, at least won't get fatter.

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